COVID-19 vaccination rates in regional Queensland children among lowest in Australia, but why?

Queensland children are among the least protected against COVID-19, with data showing their vaccination rates are falling well behind kids in every other state and territory.

The figures are particularly concerning as the state’s health department warns more waves of COVID are likely as winter begins.

The council with the lowest COVID vaccination rates for children aged 5 to 11 is the Aboriginal Cherbourg Shire, 250 kilometres north-west of Brisbane, followed by the Isaac Shire in Central Queensland where fewer than one in 10 kids have had two doses.

Of the 419 local government areas across the country that record COVID vaccination figures, Queensland regions make up more than half of the bottom 5 per cent.

Larger centres, including the state’s largest regional hubs – the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast – are among the bottom of the list, coming in at number 376 and 394, with one-in-five receiving two jabs.

The Aboriginal shire of Cherbourg has run consistent campaigns to vaccinate residents.(ABC Southern Qld: Jon Daly)

The highest-ranked council area in Queensland for childhood COVID vaccinations is Brisbane, where fewer than half of the city’s children have been given their two doses.

By comparison, the adult vaccination rate topped 93 per cent statewide.

Brisbane is ranked at 71st in the country below the regional Victorian cities of Ballarat and Ararat, and the areas of Clarence and Kingborough in Tasmania.

Adelaide and Hobart have the highest rates of vaccination for children under 11.

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The Sunshine Coast’s childhood COVID vaccination rate is among the lowest in the country.(ABC News: Tara Cassidy)

COVID came for Christmas

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